Other Decorative Items

bobbys-jewelers.com If you still lack decorative items or accessories for your country home, why not use your imagination and make do with what you already have? If you have an old rocking chair or armoire in the basement, bring it out and have it buffed. Have a restorer bring out its natural tones / color or have it stained to bring out the wood veins.
Go to flea markets and look for hand braided or hook rugs which you can use to add more warmth to your interior space. If you some copper-pots and pans, wooden bowls, wicker baskets lying around, make use of them as well. If these are too worn out for their intended function, create another use for them. Make these planters or mail holders. Use your imagination.
Finally, donft be afraid to bring the outdoors in. Bring in a few potted plants or snip flowers from your garden and place these in a vase.

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