Planning Your Own Country Home Inspired Room If you want to have an interior area that evokes the old world charm of traditional country homes, you can make this a pet project. If you plan your project carefully and properly, you will find out that creating your own country home space need not burn a hole in your pocket. You just have to be imaginative and resourceful.
When creating a country home inspired space, take into consideration the personalities and needs of your family. Remember that they will be using the room as much as you.
Start off by developing a plan or a theme for your room. Then determine what colors you will use. The colors of the interior walls, soft furnishings (carpets, curtains, and upholstery), woodwork, and accessories should complement each other and should not clash.
Next, identify the furniture pieces you would want to use in your room. You do not want to have too little furniture as the room would look sparse. Too much and you lose the coziness and end up with a highly cluttered area. There should be a right balance in terms or furniture proportion and quantity. In addition, remember that each piece of furniture should have a function in your room.
Take your time. Donft rush out and purchase all the items you think you will need all at one time. Go through the entire process slowly and choose wisely. Make sure that the pieces you purchase will complement the items you have at home, not only in terms of design, but in color and texture as well, else your room will look like an ugly patchwork of bits and pieces. Buy only what you need at that time.
When youfve finished decorating your room, accessorize by displaying items of personal value. Instead of store-bought decorations, why not hang photos of your family or display trophies and sculptures made by your children. Not only will it add a personal touch to your living space, your family will appreciate this gesture as well.

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