Steps to Follow in Decorating Your Home Your home is a reflection of your personality. Whether you are an outgoing person who goes for large oversized couches and bright colored prints or a quiet and conservative individual who goes for the serenity and elegance of dark wood furnishings, leather sofas and hardwood floors, you will naturally find comfort in surroundings that suit your individual taste.
This is why the first thing you have to do before starting your home decorating project is to identify your individual style. Find out what you like and what you donft like to see in your home. If youfre not hiring the services of a professional interior decorator then do the research yourself. Go over home decorating magazines and identify the style that you like most whether this be an ultra-modern style of glass and brass furnishings, a more classic and conservative look or even a combination of both.
Once you have identified your style, you can proceed with your choice of colors. Colors can do a lot for a room and give it an entirely different look. Find out the colors most pleasing to you. You can use neutral beige or cream on your walls with brightly colored furniture. You can also use shades of the same color as in pale lavender walls with violet chairs or use a combination of colors that look well together. Remember that, in applying colors, less can sometimes do more.
Finally, make sure that whatever choice of colors, design or accessories you come up with all fit together in one harmonious blend. You donft have to maintain the same colors or theme all throughout your house. You just need to make sure that, within one room, all the elements blend together well.

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